Customize Tags (App)

To learn how to customize tags in the Skimmer app, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

Here’s how to manage tags on the app. After logging in, go to the Customers tab. This is mainly an admin function, so you’ll use it from this tab.

Tap into a customer’s profile, and you’ll note that there’s a section here for tags they have been assigned. If you want to change the tags, tap on Edit, then tap on the tags box, and you’ll be taken to the Select Tags screen. You’ll see check marks for the tags already associated with the customer. If you want to add more, all you have to do is tap on them and another check mark will appear.

Let’s say you want to assign a new tag to this customer, but the tag doesn’t exist yet. That’s as easy as typing the new tag name into the box at the top, then tapping Add Tag. Not only will it assign this new tag to this customer, but it’ll create it as a tag that you can now assign to any customer. Tap Save and you’ll see new tag is added to the customer. You’ll want to tap Save again on the main edit screen.

Back on the Customers tab, tap the Tags icon on the top right of the screen. This will take you to a list of all current tags that you’ve set up. Here is where you can filter your customer list based on these tags. So if you want to see every customer who lives in a certain area and has a heater, tap both tags. The check marks indicate that you’re going to filter on the customers that have both of these tags. Tap Save, and the resulting customer list has been filtered. You can even see the number of Customers at the top of the screen has adjusted to match.

If you want to remove any tag filters, look right under the search bar and you’ll see the tags we’re currently using to filter. Tap on the X next to a tag to remove it, and the filtering changes. Now you're just looking at customers who have a single tag.

How about when you’re creating a new user? Tap the Plus icon in the top right corner. On the Add Customer screen, scroll down and you’ll find a box for tags. You can tap on it and add any applicable tags.