View the Invoicing Report (Web)

To learn how to view the Invoicing Report on, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .


Here’s how to view the Invoicing Report. On, click Reports and then Invoicing. Right away, you can see at the top that there are some options for date range. On the left, you can easily switch between the last few months. On the right, you can set a range with specific start and end dates. So if you just want to look at one day or one week, or more than one month, you can do so. For demonstration, we’ll just stick with the current month.

What you see here is an overview screen. For each customer serviced during your date range, it shows basic high-level information. For instance, how many route stops and work orders were completed, and total money due.

Also, note that one total has a little icon next to it – an I inside a circle. The note at the top explain what this icon means. If you’ve installed an item for a customer, and that item was taken from Skimmer’s equipment database, then you’ll need to add the cost of that installed item to the invoice going to the customer. To take a closer look at any customer, click their name or the Details button.

On the Customer Details screen, you’ll see a breakdown of everything you need to charge the customer for. For instance, the rate and dates of service for regular maintenance stops, chemical prices if you’re charging extra, work orders, and installed items. Note that this particular installed item already has a price because it was taken from the company Products list and not Skimmer’s universal equipment database. So there’s no need to add an extra charge for that item.

This report is great for getting a snapshot of activity for any customer, and an estimate of what you’ll be owed. If you’re not using one of the billing options that Skimmer offers, this report can be used as a reference for whatever billing system you choose to use.