Connect Customers to QuickBooks Online (Web)

To learn how to connect customer accounts in Skimmer with their parallel accounts in QuickBooks Online, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

If you bill with QuickBooks Online, Skimmer makes it easy to connect your customer accounts in Skimmer with their matching accounts in QuickBooks. Here’s how to do it on the website. Click on QBO Billing. On the Generate Invoices screen, see the Helpful Links box to the right and click Link Customers. The next screen is where you’ll link your Skimmer customers to QuickBooks Online.
The left column shows customers that are in your company in Skimmer. To the right, you’ll see that each Skimmer customer has a corresponding dropdown box. Some are populated with a name, and some aren’t. If you see a name in that dropdown box, it means your Skimmer customer is currently connected to that account in QuickBooks Online. Skimmer will try to connect these accounts automatically, if the names match and the connection is obvious, and it will also auto-connect them if you import them directly from QuickBooks Online.

If the dropdown box is currently blank, it means one of two things. Either Skimmer wasn’t able to automatically determine the matching account in QuickBooks, or that account does not yet exist in QuickBooks. If it already exists there, simply click the dropdown box to open it, scroll to find the matching account, and click to select it. If the account doesn’t exist yet in QuickBooks, Skimmer makes it easy to create it. Note the Add to QBO button to the right of the blank dropdown box. Click that button and Skimmer will export this customer account to QuickBooks, and then automatically connect them. Once the accounts are connected, you can easily export service information from Skimmer and generate invoices for those customers.