Add, Edit, or Deactivate a User (Web)

To learn how to manage a Skimmer user's account on the website, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

You've hired a new employee, and now you want to get them using Skimmer. It's easy to set them up as a user. First, make sure you're logged into Click on Settings, and when the sub-menu opens, choose Users. Once you're on the Users screen, click the Add User button.
Fill in the basic information about your new user, starting with their first and last name. Then give them a username, which they’ll use to log into Skimmer. This username must be unique, not just for your company, but across all of Skimmer. So, if you try a username and Skimmer tells you it’s taken, you’ll need to choose something else. The email address you enter here will mainly come into play if the employee needs to reset their password. In that case, the reset email will go to whatever address you enter. Next, give the user a password.
Now you’ll choose their access level. If they will need access to all of your Skimmer account, such as office administrator or a manager, you’ll probably want to give them full rights with the Admin level.
If they will mainly be working in the field and only need access that’s limited to their work, Tech level will probably fit best. Note that when you choose the Tech role, you can make additional choices to grant or revoke certain rights. For instance, if you have a tech that’s taking on more responsibility and needs more access, you can allow them to see and manage other techs’ routes, the admin panel, and full app settings beyond just the sync zone. Note that techs are given two rights by default – the ability to move or reorder work that’s assigned to them. However, if you don’t want them to have this ability, just uncheck those boxes.
Once you've entered all the information and chosen access levels, click the Add New User button. This will add them to the system and give them the appropriate access. Once you give them their username and password, they’ll be able to log in and start working.
What if you’ve created a user already, but now you need to change something? On the Users screen, find the user and click Edit. This will take you to the Update User screen, where you can change anything that you previously entered, including their password and access level. Once you’ve made a change, click Save. Note that both boxes have their own Save button, so if you change a password, be sure to click the Save button that’s specific to that box.

What if this employee is leaving the company and no longer needs access to Skimmer? In that case, find the User Is Active check box and uncheck it. Then be sure to save. This will revoke access on the website immediately, and on the user’s app the very next time it syncs.