Connect Products to QuickBooks Online (Web)

To learn how to connect products to QuickBooks Online from Skimmer's website, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

If you bill with QuickBooks Online, Skimmer makes it easy to connect the products you’ve created in Skimmer with their equivalents in QuickBooks. Here’s how to do it on our website. We’ll start with a brief reminder of how products work in Skimmer – you can find them under Settings and then Products. You’ve likely seen that Skimmer offers a built-in equipment database, which you can use to add items to your shopping list and mark them as purchased and installed. Well, the Products page allows your company to create its own custom database for parts, equipment, and any items you want available. So, before you can connect any products to QuickBooks Online, they have to be created here.
So, now let’s click on QBO Billing. On the Generate Invoices screen, see the Helpful Links box to the right and click Link Products. The next screen is where you’ll link your Skimmer products to what you have in QuickBooks Online. The left column shows the products you’ve created in Skimmer. To the right, you’ll see that each Skimmer product has a corresponding dropdown box. Some are populated with an item, and some aren’t. If you see an item in the box, it means your Skimmer product is currently connected to something in QuickBooks Online. If the box is blank, then the product is not yet connected.

Now we’ll pause to address what needs to happen on the QuickBooks side. In order to for a corresponding item to appear in the dropdown list, it needs to already have been created in QuickBooks Online as a Non-Inventory Item. That’s an important distinction because QuickBooks often defaults to categorizing anything you create as a Service, but a Service will not show up on this list. So, when you create the item in QuickBooks Online, make sure it’s categorized as a Non-Inventory Item and not a Service. If you’ve created the item in QuickBooks before coming to this screen, you should be able to find it in the dropdown list. If you did so after coming to this screen, you may need to refresh the page for the item to show up in the list. 
Once you’ve made a selection from the dropdown list, you’re done here. Skimmer will remember it, and when you’re ready to generate invoices, you’ll be able to easily include these items.