Skimmer Billing - Client Payment Process

To learn the client payment process after you've sent an invoice through Skimmer Billing, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .


You’ve sent an invoice through Skimmer Billing. Now it’s time for your client to submit payment. How does that process work on their side? That’s what this video will show you, and Skimmer makes it super simple for everyone.

First, when you send an invoice, your client will receive an email that looks like this. This is just an example, so keep in mind that the real email will display your company information, and the custom header and message that you’ve already set up. As you can see, the email gives your client a brief overview, letting them know who’s billing them and the amount due. When they’re ready to see all the details of the invoice and submit payment, they’ll click Review and Pay.

Clicking the button will take them to their web browser and open a payment screen. Note first that they can scroll down and review every line item they’re being charged for in this invoice. They’ll also see any applied taxes. And, if any partial payments or refunds have already been applied to this invoice, they’ll be reflected here and in the total amount due.


When they’re ready to submit payment, they’ll scroll back to the top and enter their information. Payment source options display at the top. So if you’ve chosen to allow credit cards or bank payments, those options will be there. Following that, they’ll enter their payment information.

Note the checkbox above the Pay button. If your client wants to save this payment method and allow it to auto-pay for routine service every month, they can check this box. Keep in mind that this only applies to routine service, and not to work orders.

Once your client has reviewed the invoice and entered their payment information, all they need to do is click Pay.