Skipped Stops - Skip Tracking, Reasons, and Email Alerts

To learn how to track and report on Skipped Stops, as well as require techs to provide a skip reason, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .


Sometimes a tech just can’t service your client’s pool. Whatever the reason, Skimmer makes it easy to keep track of which service stops have been skipped, and keep yourself and the client informed when it happens. Here’s how to do it.

Starting on the Skimmer website, go to Settings and then Service Emails, then scroll to the bottom. There you’ll find the main tab for Service Emails, and you’ll click the second tab for Skipped Stop Emails.


The first thing you’ll see is three options for when a stop is skipped.

Option One: Require a tech to choose a reason when the route stop is skipped. If you toggle that On, you’ll also want to click the button to Add and Edit Reasons.

On the Reasons screen, you can see we’ve provided a few examples, but these are fully customizable. You can use whatever reasons are most likely in your area and for your techs and clients. To add a new reason, just click the Add Reason button, type what you want it to say, and Save. You can also edit or delete what you already have, to make sure the list available to your techs is exactly what you want.

Option Two: Email the office when a route stop is skipped. When you toggle this On, it will act just like other office alerts that Skimmer offers, such as when a tech creates a work order, or if a tech wants to send a service note to the office.

Option Three: Email the customer when a route stop is skipped. If you toggle this On, you’ll want to populate the email template below to make sure this notification email tells the client what you want it to. You can choose your subject, header, the body of the email message, and a footer. You can also check the box to include the skip reason indicated by your tech in these emails. When you have the settings you want, be sure to click Save. The next time your techs’ app syncs, it will receive these updates.


Now, what does this look like for the tech? We’ll demonstrate on the Skimmer app.

Tap into a route stop and locate the Skip button in the top right corner, next to the Finish button. Tap Skip, and a Select Reason screen appears. Choose the correct option and tap Save.

Now the stop is Skipped and two emails have gone out. One went to the office as an alert, and the other was sent to your client. Here’s what they received on their end.


Skimmer also makes it easy for admins and owners to see these skips on their route at a glance.

On the app, go back to the main Route Screen and note that under the tech’s progress wheel for the day, there’s a visual note of how many stops they’ve skipped.

On the website, go to the Route Dashboard and you’ll see the same note. So, whether you’re on the app or the website, it’s easy to stay informed of any stops that were skipped.