Quotes FAQ

What is a Quote?

A proposal that outlines work required and price, sends them to your customers, and documents their approval. Quotes also transition seamlessly into invoice generation, so you can manage payments as they apply to each Quote.

When should I create a Quote?

Quotes are intended for work that needs customer approval before you begin.

What do Quotes do?

  • Inform your customer of the work needed and the price
  • Capture customer approval or rejection
  • Track the approval state of the quote
  • Calculate the Margin of the quote 
  • Create multiple invoices related to a single quote
  • Include an Internal Notes section for managing the sales process

What is a Quote’s expiration date?

This sets a time limit for the Quote, after which the customer will no longer be able to access or approve it. This could be used, for instance, if you’re offering a certain price for a limited time only.

How do I collect a down payment on a Quote?

Once a Quote is approved, you’ll want to create a Related Invoice to collect the down payment. If you collect a down payment, be sure to add that payment to the final invoice as a negative line item so the customer is not overcharged.

What are the possible status of a Quote?

Draft: The Quote has been saved but not sent to the customer for review

Sent: The Quote has been sent to the customer for review

Approved: The customer has agreed to the terms of the Quote (work needed and price). Once approved, this status cannot be changed.

Rejected: The customer has declined the proposal

Expired: The customer has neither approved nor rejected the Quote before the expiration date

How is the Margin calculated?

((rate - cost) / rate)100 = Margin percentage

Why is my Margin not showing up?

Margin is only displayed if the cost value is filled for every line item of the Quote. If a line item does not have a cost, enter a 0 to correctly calculate the margin.

Can techs generate Quotes in the field?

No. Only admins can generate Quotes from Skimmer’s website.

Will there be updates to Quotes?

Yes. Future enhancements and additional features are planned.