Customize the Service Checklist (App)

To learn how to customize the Service Checklist in the Skimmer app, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

The Service Checklist is a great way to indicate what tasks you want performed at a route stop, and to track their completion. You can customize a universal checklist that will appear on all route stops, and also checklist items that are specific to a customer. We’ll review both. Let’s start with customizing the universal checklist. Go to Settings tab and tap on Service Checklist. Then tap on the Plus at the top right of the sc -these tasks that will appear on all service stops, let’s add one -tap on Plus at top right of screen.

In the Add Item screen, you'll see two fields. The Description field is what you’ll see for this item on your checklist. The Description When Complete field is what customers will see on service email after you’ve marked this checklist item complete on their stop. Tap Save when finished, and you'll see your new checklist item has been added.

If you want the Service Checklist items to be in a certain order, simply, tap and hold an item and slide to rearrange. Once your checklist edits are complete, it's a good idea to perform a sync to make sure the changes are pushed to all users and devices.

Now let’s customize an individual checklist item. Go to the Customers tab and choose a customer. Then tap on the tab for the specific body of water. Here you'll see a box specifically for individual Service Checklist items. Anything you add here will only apply to this customer and this body of water. Tap Add.

You'll see this familiar screen now. Populate both fields with your desired checklist item, and then tap Save. You'll see that it's now associated with this customer as a checklist item.

Now we’ll go look at our customer’s route stop in the Route Dashboard, in order to demonstrate the items have been added. You can see both new Service Checklist items have been added.