View Pool Service History (App)

To view customer history in the Skimmer app, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

One of the great things about Skimmer is how easily you access a customer’s service history. There are a couple of different ways you can do it. The first way is by going to the Customers tab, then selecting a customer. Once on their profile, tap the tab for a body of water, and then tap History.

Here you'll see a summation of the complete service history for that body of water. On the left are all dates you serviced, laid out in order. On the right, you'll see such information as the assigned tech, readings and dosages, checklist items completed, items installed, and service notes.

You can also access a customer's history from their route stop in the Route Dashboard. A customer's current route stop page will display recent activity in customizable columns, which you can swipe on to view more information. You can also tap History in order to see the full history that was demonstrated above.