Sync Zone Overview (App)

To learn about the Sync Zone in the Skimmer app, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

You can find the Sync Zone on the Settings tab of the Skimmer app. Last Good Sync tells you when the data you’ve entered into Skimmer was last sent up to the cloud for storage. It's a good idea to check this occasionally to make sure you’ve gotten a good sync within last day or so.

There are two options for when you’d like Skimmer to perform a sync. Sync When Opening App means that, as soon as you open Skimmer for the day, it will connect with the cloud and send up its data. Sync When Leaving App means that whenever you navigate away from Skimmer, your data will be sent to the cloud. This doesn’t just mean if you close Skimmer and leave it closed, but let’s say you’re using Skimmer and then decide to move over to an email app, or your music app. When you do that, Skimmer will sync with the cloud. You can choose one or both options to turn on simply by tapping the toggle button on or off. Whatever you choose, the sync will occur if it’s been 5 minutes or more since your last sync.

Below that, you will see another toggle next to Primary Device for Route. This is specifically for those who use Skimmer on more than one mobile device for their account. For instance, some users have a smartphone and also a tablet that they use to work with Skimmer. If that’s the case, you must choose ONE, and only ONE, of those devices to toggle this ON and mark as the primary device for the route. That’s the device you’ll use to enter and edit route and customer information. Your secondary device should have this toggled off, meaning you’ll only use that device to view and read the data in Skimmer.

At the bottom of the Sync Zone, you'll see a manual Perform Sync button. Let’s say you’ve been working in a low-signal area all day, so the last good sync was several hours ago. Now you’re in an area with good signal. It’s a good idea to go ahead and tap this Perform Sync button. This will ensure that all the data you entered in those last several hours gets pushed up to the cloud and saved.