Add a Service Location (Web)

To learn how to add a new service location for an existing customer with the Skimmer website, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .


You can easily add a new service location to a customer account using Skimmer’s website or app. We show you how to do it on the app in another video. Here’s how to add a location using the web. On, navigate to the Customers tab and click into the customer profile.


Find the Service Location box and click Add. This will open the Add Service Location screen, where you’ll start by adding the new address.

Following that, you can enter whatever information is useful to you about this location, from gate code to dog’s name to location code, which is a unique label you can attach to this location as an identifier.


Rate is what you’re charging the customer, and Rate Type tells Skimmer how you charge them. You’ll see there’s several options under Rate Type. If you choose Per Stop, Skimmer will apply the rate to each completed service. If you choose Per Month, Skimmer will apply the rate one time no matter how often you service them during the billing period, whether its 1 time or 10 times. These options allow you to bill each time you service, or just charge a flat monthly rate. 

What about the chemical options? If you choose Plus Chemicals, Skimmer will note an extra charge for every chemical dosage that you enter. (We show you how to set up chemical readings and dosages, including your cost and price per unit, in other videos.) If you choose With Chemicals, it means that you want to include at least some chemicals in the Rate that you’re already charging the customer. (And again, other videos show you how to specify which chemicals this applies to). Labor Cost indicates what you’re paying the tech to service this pool, if you’re paying per job. Under Labor Cost Type, you can make that a per-stop or per-month payment.

We show you how to create your Sales Tax Groups in another video, and here you can apply the appropriate group to this location.


What is Minutes at Stop? In order to estimate how long a particular route will take, Skimmer applies a default duration to each route stop until the tech actually performs the work, at which point their actual work time will overwrite the default. But if you know a particular customer always takes longer or shorter than the system default estimate, you can change it here.

Is there anything you want the tech to know about this location? Maybe something that doesn’t fit in the other fields? Location Notes is an open text box where you can type anything you want and save that information for this location.


Choose which bodies of water you’ll find at this location. Note that in this initial creation screen, you have three basic options to choose from. However, once this location is created, you can go back and add more bodies of water or change their names as needed.

Lastly, if you know when you want this location serviced, and which tech you want to service it, you can set up the first route assignment here. Of course, this information can be fully edited later if you need to. Or if you don’t want to set this up yet, you can skip it.

Once you’re all set, click Save, and your customer now has a new location added to their account.