Create, Edit, or Delete a Work Order (App)

To learn how to create, edit, or delete a work order in the Skimmer app, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

It’s quick and easy to manage work orders on the Skimmer app, and we’ll show you several different ways to do it. For the first way, starting on the Customers tab, choose the customer you’d like to create a work order for and tap into their profile. Then scroll down, find the box labeled Work Orders, and tap Add.


On the Add Work Order screen, choose the work order type that you want. This will indicate what kind of work you’re going to perform.

On the next screen, your default info for this work order type is already there, including work needed and price. If you need to adjust any of those defaults for this particular job, though, you can do so here. You can also add other details such as a scheduled time, if you have a specific appointment for this job.

Because we’re creating this work order on the customer profile, we can choose whether we want to get this on the service schedule now, which would mean assigning a tech and a service date, or wait. If you choose to save without doing that, the work order will still save to this customer’s profile, but it won’t show up on the route dashboard until you add a tech and a day.

When you’re ready, tap Save, and the work is now there on the customer profile.

Now that the work order is created, you have some additional options. Tap on the work order to open it again, and you’ll see that you can now add photos, as well as items needed for the job. If you need customer approval, you can tap a button to call them right from here, or another button to send them an email with information about the job. You can also change the assigned tech and day if necessary. And you’re able to edit any information you entered previously.

When you’re done, just tap the Back arrow in the top left corner to return to the customer profile.

Let’s confirm that the work order has been schedule. On the route dashboard, navigate to the day and tech you assigned, and you’ll find it there waiting for service. Note that it’s also labeled with the work order type, letting your tech know that they have a work order on the schedule and what kind of job it is.
If it turns out you don’t need this work order, it’s easy to delete it from the customer profile. Just swipe left, tap the trash can icon, confirm deletion, and it’s gone.

You can also create a work order straight from the route dashboard. In the top right corner, tap the Plus sign. This will bring up a list of work order types to choose from. Admins can access them all, and techs can access the work order types you allow them to. However, the techs will not be able to see any of the rates you’re charging the customer.

Choose the type, then choose the customer. On the next screen, you’ll see it defaults to the account you’re signed in with and today’s date, but you can reassign those if you need to. When you’re ready, tap Save.


The work order is now on your schedule. Note that you can add and edit whatever information you want, including photos. This is a live work order on the schedule, and this is the screen you’ll use when completing the job. So, when the job’s done, you’ll tap Finish to complete it and email the customer if you’ve chosen to do that.

However, you’re not able to delete a work order from the route dashboard. That can only be done from the customer profile, which only admins can access, or the screen we’re going to show you next.


On the Admin panel, tap Work Orders and you’ll see a limited version of the work order management screens you’ll find on the website. Admins can access this area by default, and you can choose to allow techs access if you want to.

From the New or Scheduled tab, tap the Plus sign in the top right corner, and you’ll see the same screen as before. You’ll walk through the same process as before, choosing the customer and assigning the tech and service date, adding or editing job information, and when you’re ready you’ll click Save to create the work order and get it on the service schedule.

If you need to edit this work order, tap on it to access the setup screen again, and you can adjust any details you need to.
If you want to delete this work order, just swipe left, tap the trash can icon, confirm deletion, and it’s gone. And we’ll confirm on the route dashboard that it’s no longer on the schedule.