Edit or Delete a Work Order (Web)

To learn how to edit and delete work orders on the Skimmer web portal, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.

Step-by-step instructions . . .

Let's talk about how to edit and delete work orders on the web. It's quick and easy, just like on the app. We'll start in the Work Orders section of the web portal. On either the NEW or SCHEDULED tabs, you'll see two big buttons on the right. EDIT brings up essentially the original work order creation screen, and you can change any details of the work order you want. DELETE, like you'd expect, will remove the work order from the system.

But just like we did with creating a work order, we're also going to show you another place where you can do this. So let's go to the Customers tab and find our customer with a new scheduled work order. Click on the name, and you'll see under Service Location that we have a work order scheduled.

To edit the work order, just click on its name, and it opens an edit screen. You can change anything you like here. So we're going to change our mind about the pool light and remove that note. Click SAVE, and you can see that that note has been removed from the work order description. Now, let's say it turns out we don't need to make this service call. How do we remove it? Just click on the little Trash Can icon to the right.

Confirm, and it'll be deleted from the system. Whatever changes you make, be sure that you and your techs perform a sync afterward to make sure the changes reflect on your device. And then you're good to go!