Create, Edit, or Delete Recurring Work (Web)

To learn how to set up recurring work with the Skimmer web portal, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

Skimmer helps you remember and schedule work that recurs less often than a regular route stop, such as filter cleanings and pool openings. We call those reminders Recurring Work. Here’s how to set them up on the website. Go to the Customers tab, choose your customer and click on their name.

On their profile, first make sure you’ve chosen the correct service location, if the customer has more than one. Then scroll to the bottom and find the Recurring Work box. Click on the Add button and a setup screen will appear.

Recurring Work reminders function by attaching to the work order type that you want to repeat periodically. So start by choosing which work order type you want. When you click the dropdown, you’ll see the list of all work order types that have been set up with a recurrence period.


For demonstration, we need to clean this customer’s filter every month, so we’re going to choose the Filter Cleaning work order with a one-month recurrence. Then we’ll tell Skimmer the most recent date this filter cleaning was performed. The system will use this date to count forward and remind you when the next service is due.

If you want a different labor cast or service price, you can enter those here and they’ll just apply to this recurring work. Otherwise, you can leave them at zero and your default work order settings will apply.

When you’re ready, click Save, and your new Recurring Work reminder is there.

What if you realize you last cleaned this filter on a different date, which will affect the next date? Just click the Edit button, adjust the date, and Save. Now Skimmer will project the next cleaning based on the new date.


Where is this reminder going to appear? Go to Work Orders, then Upcoming. Here you’ll see the Recurring Work you’ve set up. By default, the system will display what’s coming due over the next four weeks, but you can choose how far in advance you want to look, from one week up to twelve weeks.

Note that the reminder we just set up for our customer shows up here on the list.

When you’re ready to create and schedule the work order, just click the Create button and get started. After you complete it, Skimmer will again count one month ahead, or whatever recurrence you choose, and remind you when it’s time.

What if it turns out you don’t need this reminder after all? On the customer profile, find the Recurring Work and click the trash can icon. Confirm deletion, and it’s gone.