Add, Edit, or Delete a Shopping List Item (Web)

To add or delete a Shopping List item in the Skimmer web portal, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .


You can manage and track shopping list items on the web as well as the app. Here’s how to do it on the web. Log into and choose Shopping List from the menu.

There you’ll see the items currently on the list, whether they’re attached to a customer account (and if so, which one), the work order it’s related to (If that’s the case), and the date it was added to the list.


Let’s add a new item. Start by clicking the Add button in the top right corner. When you click, you’ll see options for what kind of item you’d like to add and whether you want that item to be attached to a specific customer. If the item isn’t for a specific customer, you’ll just add it to the general shopping list here.

If you select Add Product, you’ll choose an item from your company’s Products list, which you can find under Settings and then Products. This is a list of items created and completely controlled by your company.

If you select Add Part, you’ll choose an item from Skimmer’s equipment database. This is a list of equipment that’s built and managed by Skimmer, and is available to all subscribing pool companies.

If you select Add Chemical, Skimmer will present a list of bulk chemicals for you to choose from.

Add Other doesn’t connect to any specific list of parts or products. It’s an open text box where you can type in whatever you want. So if you want to add something to the shopping list that doesn’t correspond to a typical item, you can do so here.

For demonstration, let’s say a customer needs a specific item for their pool equipment. Choose Add Part for Customer. This will begin by opening a box for selecting the customer. Find their name on the dropdown list and select it. Service Location and Body of Water will then auto-populate, but if you have multiple options for this customer, you can click those dropdown boxes and make your selections. Then click Next.


This will bring up a menu accessing Skimmer’s equipment database.

If you need a part for a piece of equipment that’s already associated with this customer’s pool, there’s no need to search through the whole database. Just click the dropdown box for that customer’s equipment and choose what you need.

If that’s not the case, start by choosing the equipment category. Then select the brand. This will bring up the available list of specific models, so scroll to find the one you need.

Note that, at this point, you’ve only chosen the full equipment and not the specific part you want to add to the shopping list. To do that, you’ll note the specific part in the Description box.

When you’re done, click Save, and now you’ll see the item there on the Shopping List.

What if, after you added this item to the Shopping List, you realize you need to change something? Click the Edit button to go back to the selection screen, where you can change anything you need to. When you’re done, click Save, and you’ll see the item now has the updated information.

Currently, the item is on the Shopping List and is waiting to be purchased. Once you’ve done that, marking the item as Purchased is as easy as clicking the box.

What if it turns out the customer doesn’t need this item at all? If you no longer need it on the Shopping List, click Delete, confirm, and it’s gone.