Mark a Customer Inactive (Web)

To learn how to mark a customer inactive on the we, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

Sometimes a customer doesn’t need service for a long time. Or maybe their service discontinues, but you want to preserve their service history. But you may not want their accounts cluttering your customer list. Either way, Skimmer’s got you covered. Here’s how to change a customer’s status to Inactive. Log into the web portal, navigate to the Customers tab, and click on a customer’s name to see their account. Note that they currently have a route assignment, which will come into play later. Click the Edit button next to their name.

On the next screen, look at the top right hand corner, where you’ll see a Make Inactive button. Click that button and a box will pop up, which lets you choose if you want to delete their route assignments, unfinished work orders, and recurring work. We’re going to leave them all checked and then click Make Inactive. Now you’ll see they’re listed as inactive. 

Check the full Customers list and you’ll now see an Inactive symbol next to their name.

You can also filter the Customers list. By default it displays all customers, but you can choose to see only active or inactive customers by simply clicking the option. It’s as simple as that to mark a customer inactive.