Manage Route Assignments (Web)

To learn how to manage route assignment using Skimmer's web portal, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

You can easily manage all of your route assignments on Skimmer’s web portal. On the left side of the screen, we have the full schedule of route assignments for all techs, for all days. You can see a basic overview here, or also expand to see more route details. You can click on a tech’s name to expand their route for that day, at the top you can choose Expand All to open up the full schedule. Note that you can also see all your route assignments as pin drops on the map. We’ll focus on our list right now, and then cover more map functions after.

If you don’t want to see the full route schedule, and just want to focus on one tech, use the dropdown menus to choose one tech and all days, or one tech and a particular day.

What if you want to make some changes to this route? Click the three dots and up comes a submenu. You can zoom in closer to this route on the map. You can also change pin colors, which we’ll show you how to do now.

On the pin color selector page, start at the top. This tech has one master color assigned to their name and their routes. But what if I want to change the master color for this tech? Open the very top dropdown list and select a new color, and you’ll see once you’ve made a new selection it changes everything. Then you can choose border colors for each day of the week. Once you make those choices, you can very easily look at the map and see which route assignments fall on which day. This can be great for general organization, and for finding more efficient groupings so that you’re traveling fewer miles to cover a whole route.

Now we’ll show you how to make changes to route assignments using this list. Click the three dots next to the route to bring up your submenu, and this time choose Move to Different Day/Tech. This brings up a move screen. Note that this will make the change permanently because this is the Route Assignments screen. You can make temporary moves on the Route Dashboard screen, which is different. So keep in mind that the changes you make here will be permanent. You can choose any tech, any day, and the starting date you would like for the change. We won’t actually make that change now, but you can see how it’s done. Note that you can make these changes to an entire day’s route, or individual route stops.

Next, let’s review how to change route or route stop frequency. Go back to three dots and the submenu, and this time choose Change Frequency. Here you can reset the frequency to whatever you’d like it to be, and you can choose the date on which the new frequency will start. This is great for seasonal changes to route assignments. So, for instance, if during the fall you want to go from weekly to every two weeks, you can set your date, and when the date comes around, the weekly route assignments will end and the new frequency assignments will begin.

You can also choose to end the route assignments on a certain date, or just delete them altogether right now. Again, most of the demonstrations were for a whole day’s route, but you can do all of this for individual route stops.

You can also print out a tech’s route for reference on paper. Once you’ve chosen a tech and their route, be sure to expand the route first. Then go to the top right corner and click the Print button. A print function will appear and you can see it formats the route list into a nice, printable form.

Now we’re going to show you some functions for the map on the right. You can do this with the full assignment list, all techs and all days, but for demonstration we’ll narrow it down to one tech and one day. If you have your mouse over a pin drop, you’ll get a little pop-up that shows basic info about the customer, including name and address, assigned tech, assigned service day, and how big that day’s route is. To access more functions, you will actually click on the pin drop, and you’ll see it gives you three things you can click. The Edit, Move, and Delete buttons function the exact same as they do on the list to the left. But if you’re viewing and working over here in the map, this gives you a way to make changes right here without going back to the text list. So that’s basic overview of how to use Skimmer’s web portal to manage route assignments quickly and conveniently.