Service Texts - Activate and Set Up (Web)

To learn how to activate and on, see the video below. Or, if you prefer, scroll past the video to view our step-by-step text instructions.


Step-by-step instructions . . .

Here’s how to activate and set up service texting with Skimmer. On the website, go to Settings and then Service Texts. Note the box on the right, which indicates the price per text, and lets you know that the total monthly amount will be added to your regular bill, and you can cancel anytime if you wish. No contracts.


There are three steps you’ll want to follow when activating this feature. First, watch the video you’re currently watching all the way through, and you’ll learn how to get started.

Second, review the terms of service. The first term is there because all messages come from a number provided by Skimmer, not your own phone number, so there are a lot of regulations around what kind of message can be sent this way. So this makes sure to establish right away what these messages for, and what they’re not for. The second term indicates that you understand using this feature will incur additional costs based on usage, and those costs will be added to your Skimmer bill each month.

When you’re ready, check both boxes to agree.


Step 3: Sign to accept the terms. The name entered here will be recorded and stored in your company’s account history.

Click the button at the bottom to agree and move forward.

You’ll receive a final confirmation pop-up. Once you click to accept, you’re signed up and Service Texts are activated.


Now the view of this feature changes to the Enabled screen. On the right, you’ll see a record of terms agreed to, who signed, and the date of acceptance. We mentioned can cancel anytime if you wish, and there’s cancellation button right here. Below that, if you want view this video again, a direct link is provided. What kind of messages can you send? There are three distinct types.

“On My Way” – Let’s a client know the tech is heading over to service their pool.

Completed Service – Applies to both route stops and work orders, and will send when the work is finished.

Skipped Stop – Sends when you’re unable to complete scheduled work.

These are all activated by default, but you can toggle any of them on or off individually based on your needs. The messages themselves have been configured for you, so right away you know exactly what these texts will say when they go to customer. If you have a long company name, or long work order type email subjects, you may notice that in these texts they are somewhat truncated. That’s to make sure the texts don’t get too long, that they stay brief and easy to send and read.

Specifically for work orders, you’ll need one additional setting for those texts to send. Look at the Settings page for any work order type, and you’ll see the checkbox option to “notify the customer when finished.” That box must be checked for work order completion texts to be enabled. So you can choose by work order type which ones you want to trigger a text.


Now that this feature is activated, by default all your clients are enabled to receive text messages. So, you don’t have worry about switching it on for everyone, it’s already done for you. Navigate to a customer profile and you’ll see what it looks like when the feature is active for them. However, if there are clients you want to exempt from texting, simply edit their profile and uncheck the box.

How does Skimmer know which number to text? In their profile, whatever number you have listed in box labeled “Mobile Phone 1” is by default the number that will receive these texts.


How does Skimmer know what company information to include? It’s t taken from the Service Email settings page. So, whatever company name and contact number you’ve set up for service emails, that will be used here as well. So if you don’t want a callback phone number in these text messages, you’ll need to remove that number from the service emails page. If you choose to remove it, these text messages will just say basically, “Call with any questions” but omit the number.

In another video, we’ll show you how texting actually works on Skimmer app. For this initial video, that’s how to enable and configure service texting on the website.