All About AutoPay

What is AutoPay?

In Skimmer Billing, AutoPay enables you to store a customer's payment method for future invoices.

What payment methods can be used for AutoPay?

Credit cards, bank accounts (ACH), and digital wallets (Apple and Google).

How can a customer opt into AutoPay?

Your customers (the pool owners), can opt into AutoPay upon receiving their invoice. Here's a video that shows that in action.

Pool Pros can also opt customers into AutoPay on their behalf if they're paying with a credit card (this option is not available for bank/ACH or digital wallet payment methods). If a customer provides their payment card information and grants permission to automatically charge them for future invoices, you can pay their current invoice and enroll them in AutoPay by entering their payment card information and checking the Enable box.

How does AutoPay work?

AutoPay is designed to cover routine pool services, along with the chemicals, products, and installed items associated with pool service. 

AutoPay does NOT apply to:

  • Invoices that include Work Orders
  • Manually created invoices

When does AutoPay Trigger?

AutoPay triggers based on your invoice settings. By default, automatic payments will be charged within 15 minutes of an invoice being sent. However, Pool Pros can adjust this under Settings > Invoices > "Payment Due" and "Pay Days Before Due".

"Payment Due" determines how many days after the invoice is sent until the payment is expected. "Pay Days Before Due" sets how many days before the due date you want the payment to be submitted.

For example:

  •  If you generate an invoice on July 1st with "Payment Due" set to Net 15 and "Pay Days Before Due" set to 5, the invoice will be paid on July 10th, five days before the due date.
  •  If "Payment Due" is set to Net 15 and "Pay Days Before Due" is set to 0, the invoice will be paid on July 15th.
  • If you would like to restore the default, in which payment is submitted within 15 minutes of the invoice being sent, ensure "Pay Days Before Due" is blank.

How can a customer opt out of AutoPay?

The customer must contact the Pool Pro to have their form of payment removed from AutoPay. The Pool Pro can then delete the card on file from the customer's profile screen on Skimmer's website.